Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete Membership Grows

The Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete (ALCCC), which was launched in May to accelerate decarbonization in the industry, added nine new members, bringing its membership total to 21. 

Members of ALCCC offer solutions that will steer the industry toward net zero by as early as 2040 – if barriers are removed. The alliance unites stakeholders from across the value chain, representing mature material designers, cement and concrete producers, end-users, and leading environmental NGOs.

The newest ALCCC members are: Betolar, 3Béton, Carbon RE, Cemvision, the European Environmental Bureau, Greenmade, Materrup, Nomad, and Sublime Systems.

“It is great to see that so many actors – particularly innovators from within the industry – are committed to speeding up the decarbonization of cement and concrete through better standards and policies,” said Joren Verschaeve, program manager at Environmental Coalition on Standards, a founding member of ALCCC. “We are eager to work with our members and other stakeholders to (finally) help put the right incentives in place for low-carbon cement and concrete solutions.”

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