CAC Supports Measures to Advance Carbon Capture, Greener Homes

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) released a statement in support of the measures and investments announced in the Federal Fall Economic Statement to advance the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Investment Tax Credits (CCUS ITC) and others. 

The association said it was essential that Canada keeps pace with the United States and the EU in attracting investment in industrial decarbonization. Attracting investment means that Canada’s economy remains competitive, while staying ahead of the global imperative to reduce carbon emissions. 

“We commend the government’s recognition of the importance of carbon capture utilization and storage in achieving our climate objectives,” said Adam Auer, president and CEO of CAC. “The cement industry is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and these investments will facilitate the deployment of innovative technologies that are essential for achieving our Concrete Zero sustainability action plan objectives. ” 

The association was also encouraged by the investments in housing announced in the Fall Economic Statement. The investments not only address the growing demand for housing but also pave the way for the development of more energy-efficient, climate resilient and environmentally friendly homes. 

“Cement is a fundamental building material that supports high quality and affordable structures while also offering the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of homes,” said Auer. “We are encouraged to see the focus on building greener homes, and we believe that cement can greatly contribute to the construction of affordable, durable, energy-efficient, and low-carbon buildings.”

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