Holcim North America Launches ECOAsh

Holcim North America has introduced ECOAsh beneficiated ash within its Lafarge Western Canada operations with plans for future expansion into the United States. 

ECOAsh embodies a circular and innovative solution, representing a significant leap toward sustainability. It stands as a high-quality, specification-grade Type F fly ash reclaimed from landfills and transformed into a valuable resource for enhancing cement and concrete construction applications.

“As we continue to build to support growing population demands, the integration of circular building materials such as ECOAsh plays a crucial role in driving our portfolio towards a more sustainable future,” said Toufic Tabbara, Holcim regional head, North America. “By embracing these strategies, we not only provide essential building materials but also establish the foundation for building greener and smarter cities while shaping the trajectory of our industry for generations to come.”

Holcim North America and Geocycle North America commissioned a ECOAsh processing facility in Alberta – the first of its kind within Holcim’s global operations – in February. The facility will commence production and the supply of products to customers throughout Western Canada in the first quarter of 2024.

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