WCA President Addresses Industry Challenges

During the World Cement Association’s (WCA) 7th General Assembly, association president Wei Rushan delivered an address, discussing pressing industry issues such as carbon trading, overcapacity and key technological developments.

Furthermore, Wei, who is also the president and executive director of China National Building Materials Co. Ltd. (CNBM), shared insights into the resilience of firms globally, highlighting their ability to navigate adversity and capitalize on opportunities in challenging times.

“Through our annual conferences and targeted meetings, WCA seeks to foster a dynamic platform that brings together experts, scholars, and leaders across diverse areas of our industry. These gatherings offer the opportunity to exchange valuable knowledge, experiences, and different perspectives,” he said. “We are proud to continue supporting our members in pivotal areas such as energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, quality enhancement, efficiency optimization, and sustainable development, as we drive efforts to develop innovative and sustainable practices to achieve full decarbonization in line with global targets.”

WCA CEO Ian Riley added, “The industry is adapting to the challenges that have emerged in the past few years, and many are seeing opportunities arising from these global shifts. It’s great to see our members embracing the increased resources and platforms we are offering, to help ensure that everyone is equipping themselves as best as they can and remaining competitive during these turbulent times,” 

During the General Assembly, the association also elected two new directors:  Mohamed Naciri, deputy general manager of CIMAT and regional managing director of CIMAF, and Matias Cardarelli, PPC chief executive officer.

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