Researchers Underestimate CO2 Sequestration Rate in Dry-Cast Concrete

A new ASTM International paper presents results of a National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) Education and Research Foundation investigation quantifying the amount and rate that machine-molded concrete products absorb and permanently lock up atmospheric carbon dioxide. “Conceptual Test Protocols for Measuring Carbon Sequestration of Manufactured Dry-Cast Concrete Products” covers lab work undertaken to develop and refine procedures that deliver repeatable,…

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Lehigh Cement Plant Transitions to EcoCem

The Lehigh Cement plant in Union Bridge, Md. will see primary output shift from ordinary portland cement to the branded EcoCem portland-limestone cement –clinker + up to 10% finely graded limestone.  Union Bridge is presently the producer’s largest plant in North America; the switch to the branded Type IL cement positions the mill to avoid approximately 126,000 tons of carbon…

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CEMEX Ventures Invests in Clean Energy Startup

CEMEX and CEMEX Ventures were also among investors that participated in Synhelion’s latest financing round. The clean energy company raised CHF 22 million ($23.6 million). The proceeds of the investment round will accelerate Synhelion’s growth and support the scaling and commercialization of its unique and validated technology. In addition to the important funding, the invaluable and extensive know-how and technology…

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