Sustainability Spotlight: St. Marys Cement Charlevoix Plant

With the use of alternative fuels and lower-carbon clinker replacements, St Marys Cement is reducing carbon emissions while increasing energy efficiency at its Charlevoix, Mich., plant, according to the Portland Cement Association’s latest “Sustainability Spotlight.” To achieve carbon neutrality, cement plants are combining a variety of tactics to cut emissions and be responsible environmental stewards. St Marys Cement, part of…

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CTS Cement Works With EPA on Secondary Aluminum Processing Waste Project

While recycling aluminum greatly enhances the sustainability of products in aerospace, automotive, beverage can, and other markets, black dross and salt cake waste byproducts of the recycling process cause an environmental challenge especially when stored in landfills, according to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As the domestic aluminum recycling industry grows at a rapid pace due to…

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Canada Co-Launches Cement & Concrete Breakthrough Initiative

Canada and the United Arab Emirates launched the Cement & Concrete Breakthrough initiative at COP28 in Dubai. The initiative reaffirms Canada’s commitment to working with countries, businesses and international partner organizations to accelerate investments in the technologies, tools and policies that the industry needs to realize net-zero solutions by 2050.

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