Cementos Argos Alternative Fuels Director Speaks About Getting to Net Zero

Nexus Fulbright Scholar and Marie Curie Fellow Mauricio Giraldo, alternative fuels director at Cementos Argos Colombia, will present “Road To Net Zero: Achieving Quantity And Quality Of Alternative Fuels In Developing Economies.” The event will take place at “CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Global Conference and Exhibition,” Nov. 10-11, at the Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument Lisbon.

Giraldo is a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in engineering and more than 15 years of professional experience in the areas of innovation, alternative energies, alternative fuels and raw materials, business model construction, and process optimization, half of which have been within the cement sector. 

During this time, he has led the development of several solutions in the field of sustainability including a specialized wind turbine for low wind velocity, urban rail energy optimization devices, and in later years, the establishment of a sustainable and growing supply chain for alternative fuels for Colombia, where the market had not yet been fully developed and had been stagnant for more than a decade. 

“Climate change is no longer about our tomorrow, it is about our livelihood today, and it is impacting every country in the world in one way or the other,” Giraldo said. “We need action now, and although we are seeing some of it lately, we need to accelerate our efforts and adapt them to local conditions. It is an honor to be able to present at CarbonZero what Cementos Argos has been doing to reduce its carbon footprint with alternative fuels and raw materials. But most importantly, on how this can be done, and hopefully replicated and rapidly deployed, especially on developing countries which are currently struggling the most because of the effects of climate change on one hand, but also for the difficulty in developing working zero carbon strategies.”

Beatrice Ene, managing director and head of events, Industry Link, said, “We are glad to welcome Dr. Giraldo to the event as a valuable scientist and practitioner and are confident that our outstanding speakers will together contribute to creating a unique platform in the field. Cementos Argos is a leader in the industry with outstanding results in integrating Alternative Fuels for the Cement industry and we are eager to learn from their experience as well as see the focus LatAm has on the subject.”

More information is available at https://industrylink.eu/event/afrcce.

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