Ozinga Opens Cutting-Edge Cement Terminal in Florida

Construction materials company Ozinga officially opened a cement terminal at the Port of Palm Beach in late July as it continues efforts to grow in the Sunshine State.

The terminal features a one-of-a-kind cement storage facility that was designed in a cooperative effort between Ozinga, the Port of Palm Beach and the City of Riviera Beach to enhance the visual landscape of the area and complement the marine environment. It also utilizes unique machinery and methods of cement transport.

“This is the first cement terminal on Florida’s southeast coast in 50 years,” said Justin Ozinga, president of Ozinga. “We are extremely excited for the opportunities this terminal will have in the construction industry as a whole, as well as the jobs it will bring to the local communities.”

The facility will receive and store international shipments of cement that will then be transported to other locations for use in the production of ready mixed concrete. Ozinga has supplied concrete to Southeast Florida from its locations in Davie, Doral, Miami Gardens and Miami since 2017.

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